Professional Photography

The Mariner Network Yacht Sales proudly utilizes professional photography for their listed vessels. All listed vessels are candidates to receive these services.

The Mariner Network is the only brokerage firm to offer this service with no charge to their customers.

Capt. Tim Kleihege, owner of The Mariner Network, believes that ” the addition of professional photography to our ever expanding list of services gives us an additional edge over our competition and dramatically increases the possibility of selling our clients vessels in a reasonable time frame and at a premium value”.

Below is an example of some of our work:

2009 420 Marquis “Nirvana” Main Salon.


1977 85’ Broward Motoryacht “Intrinsic”


Underway shots are tremendously more powerful statements than shots taken dockside as seen with our 11 Meter Trojan Express “Y Knot”

Our 1958 65’ Burger Motoryacht “She’s My Lady” Dockside.

The absence of a cluttered background provides better focus on the subject at hand. Richard Bertram’s Former 58’ Motoryacht “Mar A Tom VII” Shown.

Shots taken at dusk create a dramatic effect from the vessels interior lighting. Our 2006 Formula 400 SS “Size Matters” shown above.

The helicopter’s versatility provides great shots at all angles, distances and heights! 1990 58’ Ocean Yacht SS “Hot Tomolly”.

1958 65’ Burger “She’s My Lady” Main Salon

Motoryacht “Intrinsic” Triple Air Horns