Brokerage vs. Dealerships

Often, we are asked why a boat owner should list his or her vessel with a brokerage firm instead of their local dealership. The answer is simple, basic economics!

Dealerships are those who provide new boat sales. Brokerage firms only sell used boats. The dealership creates much more income for themselves if they sell a new 50′ Motoryacht versus a used 50′ Motoryacht. The profit margin is much higher. The dealerships salesperson will try to sell their new boat. On the other hand, the brokerage firm only has one product. There isn’t a conflict of interest between attempting to sell a new vessel versus a used one.

The dealership salesmen are almost always more interested in selling a customer a new vessel instead of your used one. If the customer can’t be persuaded to buy new then he might suggest that he look at a used vessel.
The brokerage firm only deals in used vessels, therefore they only show, sea trial and sell used boats.
Which approach is best for you? It’s your decision.

Take a few minutes and visit various websites. Visit dealerships who sell new Sea Rays, Carvers, Hatteras’s, Vikings and others. Notice how their websites and their on site showrooms are designed to primarily focus on their new boats. Their used boat inventory is secondary.

Now visit various brokerage sites. Brokerage firms only have one product. Their product (used vessels) are the primary focus with nothing else competing with them. Once again, the choice is yours and only yours.


The Mariner Network Sales Team